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SCI Temporal and spatial variations in hydrophobicity dependence of field-derived metrics to assess the biomagnification potential of hydrophobic organochlorine compounds Science of the Total Environment 2019.11 Seung-Kyu Kim, Chang-Keun Kang
SCI Evidence for resource partitioning by ontogeny and species in calanoid copepods Progress in Oceanography 2019.09 Dong-Hoon Im, Hae-Lip Suh
SCIE Gender differences in foraging behavior of the euphausiid Euphausia pacifica in the East Sea (Japan Sea) in spring Ocean Science Journal 2019.06 Dong-Hoon Im, Seung-Kyu Kim, Hae-Lip Suh
KCI 화학적 가교를 이용한 Poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxde)계 음이온 교환막의 제조 및 알칼리 연료전지용 특성평가 멤브레인 2019.06. 성승화, 이보련, 최욱, 김태현
SCI Chitosan-grafted-polyaniline copolymer as an electrically conductive and mechanically stable binder for high-performance Si anodes in Li-ion batteries Electrochimica Acta 2020.02 RajeevK.K., EunsooKim, JaebinNam, SuhyunLee, JunyoungMun, Tae-Hyun Kim
SCIE A facile synthesis of (PIM-polyimide)-(6FDA-durene-polymide) copolymer as novel polymer membranes for CO2 separation Membranes 2019.08. Iqubal Hossain, Abu Zafar Al Munsur, Tae-Hyun Kim
SCI Bisimidazolium PEG-mediated crosslinked 6FDA-durene polyimide membranes for CO2 separation Separation and Purification Technology 2019.10. Iqubal Hossain, Abu Zafar Al Munsur,최욱
SCI Lead Ruthenate Nanocrystals on Reduced Graphene Oxides as an Efficient Bifunctional Catalyst for Metal-Air Batteries Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 2019.11 S. Na, B. Lee, W. Y. Yoon, T. Yim*, S. H. Oh*
SCI Critical role of elemental copper for enhancing conversion kinetics of sulphur cathodes in rechargeable magnesium batteries Applied Surface Science 2019.08 B. Lee, J. Choi, S. Na, D.-J. Yoo, J. H. Kim, B. W. Cho, Y.-T. Kim, T. Yim*, J. W. Choi*, S. H. Oh*
SCI Commercial Silk-Based Electronic Yarns Fabricated Using Microwave Irradiation ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2019.07 Deokgyu Na, Junsik Choi, Jaehee Lee, Jun Woo Jeon, Byung Hoon Kim
SCIE De novo assembly and annotation of the blood transcriptome of the southern elephant seal Mirounga leonina from the South Shetland Islands, AntarcticaIslands, Antarctica Ocean Science Journal 2019.06 Bo-Mi Kim, Seunghyun Kang, Jihye Jeong, Euna Jo, Jae-Sung Rhee, Hyun Park
SCI Effects of sublethal concentrations of the antifouling biocide Sea-Nine 211 on biochemical parameters of the marine polychaete Perinereis aibuhitensis COMPARATIVE BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHYSIOLOGY C-TOXICOLOGY & PHARMACOLOGY 2019.08 Bo-Mi Kim, Md. Niamul Haque, D-Hee Lee, Hye-Jin Eom, Yun Kyung Shin, Jae-Sung Rhee
SCI Preliminary assessment on the effects of the commercial seaweed extract, AMPEP, on growth and thermal tolerance of the kelp Saccharina spp. from the Northwest Altantic. Journal of Applied Phycology 2019.12 S. Umanzor, S.K. Shin, M. Marty-Rivera, A. Simona, C. Yarish and J.K. Kim
SCI Opportunities, challenges and future directions of open water seaweed aquaculture in the United States Phycologia 2019.09 Kim J.K., M. Stekoll and C. Yarish
SCI Stable carbon and nitrogen isotopic characterization and tracing nutrient sources of Ulva blooms around Jeju coastal areas Environmental Pollution 2019.11 P. Samanta, S.K. Shin, S.J. Jang, Y.-C. Song, S.S. Oh and J.K. Kim
SCI Comparative Assessment of Salinity Tolerance Based on Physiological and Biochemical Performances in Ulva and Pyropia Algal Research 2019.09 P. Samanta, S.K. Shin, S.J. Jang and J.K. Kim
SCI Evaluation of the metal content of farm grown Gracilaria tikvahiae and Saccharina latissima from Long Island Sound and New York Estuaries Algal Research 2019.06 Kim J.K., G.P. Kraemer and C. Yarish
SCI Development of highly alkaline stable OH-conductors based on imidazolium cations with various substituents for anion exchange membrane-based alkaline fuel cells Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2019.06 Boryeon Lee, Dayoung Yun, Ji-su Lee, Chi Hoon Park, Tae-Hyun Kim
SCI Red tide dinoflagellate induces significant oxidative stress and DNA damage in the gill tissue of red seabream Pagrus major Harmful Algae 2019.06 Yun Kyung Shin, Won Jin Kim, Do-Hee Lee, Do Yeon Seo, Hye-Jin Eom, Youn-Jung Kim, Jae-Sung Rhee
SCI Waterborne manganese modulates immunity, biochemical, and antioxidant parameters in the bloods of red seabream and black rockfish Fish & Shellfish Immunology 2019.05 Jeong Wan Do, Manoharan Saravanan, Sang-Eun Nam, Hyun-Jeong Lim, Jae-Sung Rhee
SCIE Chlorothalonil induces oxidative stress and reduces enzymatic activities of Na+/K+ ATPase and acetylcholinesterase in gill tissues of marine bivalves PLoS One 2019.04 Md. Niamul Haquea,b, Bo-Mi Kim, Do-Hee Lee, Sang-Eun Nam, Yun Kyung Shin, Jae-Sung Rhee
SCI Characterization of agar from Gracilaria tikvahiae cultivated for nutrient bioextraction in open water farms Food Hydrocolloids 2019.04 Rocha, C.M.R., A.M.M. Sousa, J.K. Kim, J.M.C.S. Magalhes, C. Yarish and M. do Pilar Gonalves
SCI Artificial Cathode-Electrolyte Interphases on Nickel-rich Cathode Materials Modified by Silyl Functional Group JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES 2019.03 H. J. Song, S. H. Jang, J. Ahn, S. H. Oh, T. Yim
SCI Amide-functionalized Porous Carbonaceous Anode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries ChemPhysChem 2019.03 D.-G. Lee, T. Yim, S.-G. Woo, J.-S. Yu
SCI PIM-Polyimide Multiblock Copolymer-based Membranes with Enhanced CO2 Separation Performances Journal of Membrane Science 2019.03 Iqubal Hossain, Sang Yong Nam, Carmen Rizzuto, Giuseppe Barbieri, Elena Tocci, Tae-Hyun Kim
SCI Influence of hydrogen incorporation on conductivity and work function of VO2 nanowires Nanoscale 2019.03 Jung Yeol Shin, Hyun-Seok Jan, Jun Woo Jeon, Won G. Hong, Hae Jin Kim, Junhee Choi, Gyu-Tae Kim, Byung Hoon Kim, Jonghyurk Park, Young Jin Choi, Jeong Young Park
SCI Leathesia difformis extract inhibits α-MSH-induced melanogenesis in B16F10 cells via downregulation of CREB signaling pathway International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2019.02 Ga-Young Seo, Oh Wook Kwon, Youn-Jung Kim
SCIE Transcriptome profiling suggests roles of innate immunity and digestion metabolism in purplish Washington clam Genes & Genomics 2019.02 Bo-Mi Kim, Do-Hwan Ahn, Hyejin Kim, Jung Sick Lee, Jae-Sung Rhee, Hyun Park
SCI Long-term exposure to waterborne nonylphenol alters reproductive physiological parameters in economically important marine fish Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C 2019.02 Manoharan Saravanan, Sang-Eun Nam, Hye-Jin Eom, Do-Hee Lee, Jae-Sung Rhee
SCI Tuning the electronic structure of single-walled carbon nanotube by high-pressure H2 exposure Nanotechnology 2019.02 Kang, Hojin; Hong, Sung Ju; Park, Min; Jang, Hyun-Seok; Nam, Kiin; Choi, Soobong; Kim, Byung Hoon; Park, Yung Woo
SCI Chemically-induced cathode-ectrolyte interphase created by lithium salt coating on Nickel-rich layered oxides cathode JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES 2019.01 Seol Heui Jang, Keon-Joon Lee, Junyoung Mun, Young-Kyu Han, Taeeun Yim
SCI Poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide)s with various hydroxide conductors: effect of conductors on the properties of anion exchange membranes ACS applied materials & interfaces 2018.12 임해량 외 9인
SCIE De novo assembly and annotation of the blood transcriptome of Southern giant petrel, Macronectes giganteus from the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica Marine Genomics 2018.12 Bo-Mi Kim, Do-Hwan Ahn, Jeong-Hoon Kim, Jin-Woo Jung, Jae-Sung Rhee, Hyun Park
SCI Pyroprotein-based electronic textiles with high thermal durability Materials Today 2018.11 Jun Woo Jeon, Joo Young Oh, Se Youn Cho, Sungho Lee, Songlee Han, Hyun Seok Jang, Won Taek Jung, Jeong-Gyun Kim, Hyeonbeom Kim, Hyuk Jin Kim, SeongYeon Kim, JunHo Kim, Young Jun Chang, Dongseok Suh, Hyoung-Joon Jin, Byung Hoon Kim
SCI Effects of emulsifying agents on the safety of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles in sunscreens Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 2018. 11. Ga-Young Seo, Ji Hyun Lee, Jin Hyeok Kim, Jung Been Shim, Hyun Jun Hong,Eunsung Kim, Oh Wook Kwon, Jongsung Lee, Youn-Jung Kim
SCI Oxidation Potential Tunable Organic Molecules and Their Catalytic Application to Aerobic Dehydrogenation of Tetrahydroquinolines Organic Letters 2018.10 D. Jung, S. H. Jang, T. Yim,* J. Kim*
SCI Poly(ethylene glycol)-crosslinked poly(vinyl pyridine)-based gel polymer electrolytes Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2018.09 신인섭, 이국주, 김은수, 김태현
SCI Thiophene-initiated Polymeric Artificial Cathode-Electrolyte Interface for Ni-rich Cathode Material Electrochimica Acta 2018.09 B.-J. Chae, J. H. Park, H. J. Song, S. H. Jang, K. Jung, Y. D. Park*, T. Yim*
SCI Silyl-group Functionalized Organic Additive for High Voltage Ni-rich Cathode Material Current Applied Physics 2018.08 S. H. Jang, K. Jung, T. Yim*
SCI Electronic-dimensionality Reduction of Bulk MoS2 by Hydric Treatment PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2018.08 Soohyun Cho, Beom Seo Kim, Beomyoung Kim, Wonshik Kyung, Jeongjin Seo, Min Park, Jun Woo Jeon, Kiyohisa Tanaka, Jonathan D. Denlinger, Changyoung Kim, Dorj Odkhuu,* Byung Hoon Kim,* and Seung Ryong Park
SCI Optimum interlayer distance for hydrogen storage in pillared-graphene oxide determined by H2 pressure-dependent electrical conductance International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2018.08 Dong Seok Shin, Won G. Hong, Hyun-Seok Jang, Hae Jin Kim, Byung Hoon Kim
SCI Dopamine-grafted heparin as an additive to the commercialized carboxymethyl cellulose/styrene-butadiene rubber binder for practical use of SiOx/graphite composite anode Scientific Report 2018.07 이국주, 임상현, 고낙규, 김재민, 문준영, 김태현
SCI Dopamine-conjugated poly(acrylic acid) blended with an electrically conductive poly(aniline) binder for silicon anode Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2018. 07. 이국주, 임상현, 김태현
SCI Comparative toxicokinetics and antioxidant response in the microcystin-LR-exposed gill of two marine bivalves, Crassostrea gigas and Mytilus edulis Journal of Shellfish Research 2018. 07. Bo-Mi Kim, Md. Niamul Haque, Do-Hee Lee, Sang-Eun Nam, Jae-Sung Rhee
SCI Poly(aniline-co-anthranilic acid) as electrically conductive and mechanically stable binder for high performance silicon anode Electrochimica Acta 2018. 07. 이국주, 김태현
SCIE Metal-organic Framework as a Multifunctional Additive for Selective Trapping Transition-metal Components in Lithium-ion Batteries ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2018. 06 B.-J. Chae, Y. E. Jung, C. Y. Lee*, T. Yim*
SCI Strategic combination of Grignard reagents and allyl-functionalized ionic liquids as an advanced electrolyte for rechargeable magnesium batteries J. Mater. Chem. A 2018. 04. B. Lee, J.-H. Cho, H. R. Seo, S. B. Na, J. H. Kim, B. W. Cho,T.Yim*, S. H. Oh*
SCI Pyroprotein-based electronic textiles with high thermal durability Materials Today 2018. 04. Jun Woo Jeon, Joo Young Oh, Se Youn Cho, Sungho Lee, Songlee Han, Hyun Seok Jang, Won Taek Jung, Jeong-Gyun Kim, Hyeonbeom Kim, Hyuk Jin Kim, SeongYeon Kim, JunHo Kim, Young Jun Chang, Dongseok Suh, Hyoung-Joon Jin, Byung Hoon Kim
SCI Piperazinium-mediated crosslinked polyimide-polydimethylsiloxane (PI-PDMS) copolymer membranes: the effect of PDMS content on CO2 separation RSC Advances 2018. 01. 유혜림, Iqubal Hossain, 김태현
SCI Age-dependent antioxidant responses to the bioconcentration of microcystin-LR in the mysid crustacean, Neomysis awatschensis Environmental Pollution 2018. 01 Byung-Hwa Min, Yuvaraj Ravikumar, Do-Hee Lee, Kwang Seek Choi, Bo-Mi Kim, Jae-Sung Rhee
SCI Effect of Silyl Ether-functinoalized Dimethoxydimethylsilane on Electrochemical Performance of a Ni-rich NCM Cathode ChemPhysChem 2017. 12 S. H. Jang,T.Yim
SCI Triphenyl borate as a bi-functional additive to improve surface stability of Ni-rich cathode material J. Power Sources 2017. 12 T.Yim*,S. H. Jang, Y.-K. Han*
SCI Effect of nucleophilic lithium trimethylsiloxide on chemical and electrochemical aspects of electrophilic carbonate-based solvents for lithium-ion batteries Bull. Korean Chem. Soc. 2017. 10 S. H. Jang, T.Yim*
SCI Electrical and thermoelectric transport by variable range hopping in reduced graphene oxide Applied Physics Letters 2017. 10 Min Park, Sung Ju Hong, Kyung Ho Kim, Hojin Kang, Minwoo Lee, Dae Hong Jeong, Yung Woo Park, Byung Hoon Kim
SCI Tris(trimethylsilyl) Phosphite as an Efficient Electrolyte Additive to Improve the Surface Stability of Graphite Anodes ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2017. 09 T.Yim*,Y.-K. Han*
SCI Sulfonate-immobilized Artificial Cathode Electrolyte Interphases Layer on Ni-rich Cathode J. Power Sources 2017. 08 T.Yim, S.-G. Woo, S.-H. Lim, J.-Y. Yoo, W. Cho, M.-S. Park, Y.-K. Han, Y.-J. Kim, J. Yu
SCIE Magnesium Anode Pretreatment Using a Titanium Complex for Magnesium Battery ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2017. 07 T.Yim, S.-G. Woo, S.-H. Lim, J.-Y. Yoo, W. Cho, M.-S. Park, Y.-K. Han, Y.-J. Kim, J. Yu
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